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Photo Gallery

R J Mitchell Primary School - Rededication of RAF Memorial Stone 25.09.2015

Havering Town Show - August 2016

Havering Town Show - August 2017

Havering Town Show 40th - August 2018

Havering Town Show - August 2019

VJ Day 75th Service at St. Nicholas Church, Elm Park - 15/08/2020

Merchant Navy Day Service at St. Nicholas Church, Elm Park - 06/09/2020

St. Nicholas Church, Elm Park - Sunday 11th April 2021

Hornchurch FC Trophy Parade - 8th August 2021


Havering MIND Essex Tribute Fest - Saturday 14th August 2021


Havering MIND Essex Family Fest - Sunday 15th August 2021

Havering MIND Half Marathon & 10K - Sunday 12th September 2021

Elm Park Remembrance Sunday - Nov 2021

Hornchurch FC Match vs Carshalton Athletic FC - Tuesday 1st March 2022

Hornchurch Passion Play at Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch Green - Sat 16th April 2022

Hornchurch District Scout St George's Day Parade - Sunday 24th April 2022

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Production by Dickens Theatre Company - Queens Theatre, Hornchurch Tuesday 26th April 2022

The Bill Reunion 6 - Hosted by Misty Moon Events Saturday 30th April 2022

CovCon - Saturday 7th May 2022

Dad's Army Weekend at Thetford/ Bressingham, Norfolk - 14/15th May 2022

The Sweeney Reunion 3 (Misty Moon Events) at The Cinema Museum - Sat 18th June 2022

The Whippit Inn Presents / What a Carry On in Ealing - Sunday 26th June 2022

Havering MIND Essex Tribute Fest- Saturday 16th July 2022

Graham Cole OBE  'So You Think You Know Me' -  Sept 2022

LFB Shoredich Fire Station Open Day - 24th Sept 2022

Battle of Britain Anniversary Event at Purfleet Heritage Centre - 25th Sept 2022

LFB Feltham Fire Station Open Day - 29th October 2022

The Bill Reunion 7 (Misty Moon Events) at The Cinema Museum - 12th Nov 2022

An Evening with Diane Franklin (Misty Moon Events) at Phoenix Arts Club - 15th Nov 2022

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